EPW008957 ENGLAND (1923). A stone-processing depot for Clint Hill Quarry, Stoney Stanton, 1923

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Pennawd [EPW008957] A stone-processing depot for Clint Hill Quarry, Stoney Stanton, 1923
Cyfeirnod EPW008957
Dyddiad July-1923
Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 448605, 295859
Hydred / Lledred -1.2829710896674, 52.558035040519
Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol SP486959


Height suggests raw materials processing, not factory

Friday 30th of August 2013 05:15:56 PM
This wagon has the private owners name Attenburrow on the side .... but I can find no reference to this name being used .... but I don't have a set of the dozen or so PO wagon books that might help. .... A trip to the Newton Abbot Railway Studies Centre is called for here .... and to look at a good railway atlas to see if I can spot the location. I will start with the Great Central.

Saturday 15th of June 2013 07:39:27 AM
Maurice, in line with your description of product in wagons, could it be Manganese ore ? Research I've done suggests a connection between Manganese Dioxide and Attenburrows. If correct, could it be Doddiscombeleigh, Devon ?

Thursday 25th of July 2013 01:54:18 AM
There appears to be two different types of product .... one in the back line of wagons seems to be rather course - suggesting stone, while the front line of wagons seems to be filled with a finer product - sand or gravel. The wagons by the crusher have distinctive heaps of fine material that has been poured into them.

Saturday 15th of June 2013 07:35:10 AM
Someone who knows rolling stock markings - check this wagon please?

Tuesday 14th of May 2013 07:30:33 PM
BigglesH (What a pity you could not contact me directly rather than wait a month for me to come across this by chance.) July 1923 is just six month after the amalgamation of the railways so it is rather surprising to find this shot already includes three wagons carrying the letters LMS - London Midland and Scottish Railway. Most of the wagons carry pre-grouping initials GC - Great Central, LY - Lancashire and Yorkshire, NB - North British, MR - Midland, GW - Great Western and GE - Great Eastern. This really offers nothing towards a location as by this time nearly all wagons, especially non-specialist wagons seen here, were in a common pool and could be worked anywhere by any railway.

There are several private owner wagons but unfortunately they are not decipherable. (See pins.) However as these are not the same it is possible that they are just visiting rather than being at their home base, and again don't provide a firm clue to the location.

Saturday 15th of June 2013 06:45:00 AM

Cyfraniadau Grŵp

Hi all,

Thanks for the location and extra info; we'll update the catalogue and post the new data here in due course.

Yours, Katy

Britain from Above Cataloguing Team Leader

Katy Whitaker
Tuesday 3rd of September 2013 01:40:10 PM
View looking south near Stoney Stanton Sidings on the South Wigston to Nuneaton railway line as identified by Maurice.

Friday 2nd of August 2013 11:04:12 PM
Also see images EPW008947 and EPW008941 which seem to be in the same territory with the same type of rock/mineral product being quarried.

Saturday 15th of June 2013 07:26:55 AM
I believe that this area is shown in the distance on photo EPW008734

Saturday 15th of June 2013 06:32:36 AM
This the same location but on a different day. The relationship between the tale signal and the crossover on the mainline would almost be enough to assert this, but the buildings in the background along the curving track confirm the opinion.

Saturday 15th of June 2013 06:32:36 AM