EPW005216 ENGLAND (1921). Bryant and May Match Factory, Bow, 1921

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Title [EPW005216] Bryant and May Match Factory, Bow, 1921
Reference EPW005216
Date January-1921
Place name BOW
Easting / Northing 537371, 183219
Longitude / Latitude -0.019345799640204, 51.530665752133
National Grid Reference TQ374832


Here are some of the match girls that worked there. Note the sawn trees in the background waiting for processing. On hot days at a certain temperature, the match assembly lines were closed down due to fire risk and workers sent home. My mother was one of them. She stands in the centre with a group of friends. Mondo

ray Glenister
Monday 10th of April 2017 08:48:23 AM
Fairfield Road

Tuesday 28th of August 2012 07:02:08 PM
Bow Garage - at the time a London County Council (LCC) tram depot, but now a Stagecoach East London bus depot.

Tuesday 28th of August 2012 07:01:50 PM
Opened by the LCC in June 1908 on the site of a lunatic asylum, to accommodate 151 tramcars. This depot housed cars used in the ill fated Griffiths-Bedell [GB] Surface Contact Stud system for propultion. One of the cheapest surface contact system to install, compared to the expensive conduit the LCC chose to use. A steel cable (the conductor) is placed in an earthenware pipe beneath the track, and above this conductor at intervals of 6-9 feet are placed studs. A magnet on the car passes over the studs and a floating armature is forced against the conductor, a circuit made energized the stud. Three trams were fitted with skates to pick up power from the studs, but unfortunately the whole scheme wasn't successful and ran only from 25th June to 31st July 1908. The reason given for the failure of the system was the large quantities of glutinous mud which accumulated in Bow Road, due to the heavy flow of horse-drawn vehicles. Horse cars returned to the Bow Road until the LCC laid the conduit. Tunnels for the Central line tube extention were bored underneath the building. Extensively extended in preparation for the trolleybuses to operate from 5th November 1939. Bow could house 102 trolleybuses. Became a depot for the first RM's when trolleybuses ceased to operate from here on the 18 August 1959.

Nowy Paul
Saturday 20th of October 2018 03:45:24 PM
Swan Vestas sign on building

Saturday 30th of June 2012 01:44:19 AM

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This photo taken from site of overhead modern Bow Flyover (Junction A11 - Bow Road - and Blackwall Tunnell Approach Road.

Saturday 30th of June 2012 01:54:18 AM