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Original Text (Annotation: EPW061272 / 511645)

' Valley Farm was built around 1870, originally as a dairy farm. By the First World War the farmer was William White, who also owned a small chain of butchers shops, and the farm had been turned over to meat production, with its own slaughterhouse. By 1930, with plans to build a branch line of the Metropolitan Railway through Kingsbury to Stanmore, including a station nearby along Kingsbury Road, White sold off his fields to developer George Cloke, who had moved in next door at Kingsbury Manor. White continued to live in the farmhouse, which can be seen on the attached extract from the 1935 edition 25" to one mile O.S. map (Middlesex, sheet XI.5). When a detachment of the Local Defence Volunteers (Home Guard) was formed in Kingsbury in 1940, they used the empty farm buildings as a base and training ground, until a proper drill hall was constructed for them. The farmhouse survived until the late 1950's, when a block of Wembley Borough Council flats, Sutherland Court (named after the Duchess) with old peoples' bungalows behind was built on the site. '