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Original Text (Annotation: EAW003182 / 2061039)

' Location of 2ndWW HAA Gun Battery at Whitburn, designation 'Tyne O'. The DoB records "Aerial photographs held by the National Monuments Record, Swindon show that it was derelict by 1956, with some demolition of buildings on the western portion of the complex having taken place. By 1965 most buildings in the western part had been removed, those on the eastern side remained. Roger Thomas of English Heritages York Office interprets the site as a heavy anti-aircraft battery that was manned by territorial units of the Royal Artillery. The battery operated between February 1940 and January 1946. It was a fixed site which included anti-aircraft guns, a gun-laying radar, machine gun posts around the site, a magazine, canteen, guardroom, pillbox, gun store, barracks and a Bofors gun pit. All were within a barbed wire perimeter. The site was downgraded in the early 1950s to an unmanned unit ready for rapid response. The site was finally stood down in 1956 and was probably returned to the landowner by the early 1960s." '