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Original Text (Annotation: EPW042847 / 2010975)

' Lord George Sanger's 'Margate Abbey' third folly built in 1874 / 1882, just about visible here. This structure built across the disused LCDR railway embankment junction, formed part of the western menagerie perimeter wall and served as the termination point to direct visitors in the pleasure gardens down from the embankment via a set of steps (as seen to the right of the structure) to the indoor menagerie. Very little documentation exists of this folly as it was so well hidden amongst the vegetation that for many years covered the west side of the site. The structure is assumed to have been demolished when the adjacent indoor menagerie building was hit by a bomb in World War Two or when the remaining ruins were cleared in the late 1960s - early 1970s when the Astroslide was built on the site. The rerouted miniature railway line would have passed beside the structure between it and the indoor menagerie building then onto the north along a newly raised embankment (also just visible in this photo). Ironic as it sat below the main railway embankment built by LCDR, that had never been used. '