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Original Text (Annotation: EAW012042 / 1456053)

' An Euclid BV Belt Loader with a Euclid Bottom Dump Wagon alongside being filled. BV Loader stands for "Blade-Veyor" it was not a self propelled machine, as can be seen in this image it was pulled by a bulldozer. It's exactly like a Holland Loader but Euclid started making the BV's back in the 1940's before them I believe. It works like a scraper does, only the dirt moves up a conveyor belt and then its loaded into a 'Bottom Dump' tractor running alongside of it. Up to 5 of these dump wagons can follow in convoy awaiting their turn as each one is filled to capacity. The book EUCLID: Earth-moving Equipment 1924-1968 has an entire section on BV Loaders. '