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Original Text (Annotation: EPW019264 / 1374253)

' Scrubbing Tower. The scrubbing towers are set in batteries of three per unit. Each tower is packed with coke. The structure on top of the battery is the tank room and below this the distributor room. The gas on leaving the two primary filters entered the bottom of the first tower passing up through the packing material to the top. Acid recovered from the gas percolated down through the coke to a cooler and then drained into a low level feed tank. The gas from the top of the first tower was fed down to the base of the second tower then rising to the top and likewise to the third tower. The gas then passed through the three final stage filters, which also contained coke packing. Thence to the pressure equalizer and blower unit / grease catcher / finally cold gas was fed to the heat exchanger in the converter house. '