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Deakin's Eclipse Preserve Works and environs, Wigan, 1938
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Title Deakin's Eclipse Preserve Works and environs, Wigan, 1938
Image reference EPW058420
Date 26th July 1938
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Place name Wigan
Administrative area Wigan
Country England
Easting/Northing 358373, 405097

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Bradford Place (near Chapel Lane) Wigan

Pre history:

In the late 1880s, William Robert DEAKIN (1862-1943) set up his first marmalade and preserves manufacturing business and yeast importers, Deakin & Hodson, at Henhurst Bridge Mill, Chapel Lane, Wigan, in partnership with his father Samuel Pownall DEAKIN (1839-1929) and brother-in-law John Hartley HODSON (1867-1939), a former apprentice tea dealer.

The Deakin Hodson partnership was dissolved by mutual consent on 31st December 1890 and it was agreed on dissolution of the partnership that all debts due and owing to and by the firm would be received and paid by William Deakin. John Hodson returned to yeast importing.


W.R. Deakin (jam and marmalade manufacturers) - Wigan, Pershore and Toddington

Following the dissolution of the partnership with John Hodson, William Deakin set up his own jam manufacturing business, W.R. Deakin, with jam and marmalade production taking place in the jam works on the opposite side of Chapel Lane in Wigan, at the Eclipse Preserve Works in Bradford Place.

William became a successful, well respected Wigan businessman, a Wigan Borough magistrate (JP) and Town Councillor.

On 8th June 1903, WR Deakin became a limited company (no. 77679). The company took over the business run by William Deakin and continued to manufacture jam, preserves, marmalade, and pickles at The Eclipse Jam and Marmalade Works, Wigan.

On Wednesday 19th September 1917, Deakin's Jam Factory at the Eclipse Works, Bradford Place, Wigan, suffered serious fire damage costing several hundreds of pounds. The fire started around 10pm in one of the boiler flues, spreading to the boiler room and wash house. Fortunately the fire was contained within 40 minutes preventing what could have been one of the most disastrous fires in Wigan. Fire crews from Borough Fire Station attended the blaze.

It was announced on 18th September 1936 that the Eclipse Works, Bradford Place, Wigan, used by W.R. Deakin Ltd in jam production and fruit bottling for 50 years had been sold by auction for £3,000. Plant, machinery and land (part freehold and part leasehold) were included in the sale.

The Deakin jam business continued to trade from the Eclipse Works under George Deakin and James Stanley Deakin in the name of G. & J.S. Deakin Limited.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting on 28th March 1955 it was agreed that the business should be liquidated and the company wound up voluntarily.

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