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The Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd Spike Island Engineering Works, Lincoln, 1947
part of flight AFL3815
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Title The Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd Spike Island Engineering Works, Lincoln, 1947
Image reference EAW007124
Date 17th June 1947
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Place name Lincoln
County Lincolnshire
Administrative area Lincoln
Country England
Easting/Northing 496497, 370793

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The company: Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd

Formed in 1930 by Ruston & Hornsby of Lincoln, England and Bucyrus-Erie of Ohio, America.
Manufacturers of excavating and handling equipment, of Lincoln.

The Ruston company already had a long history of producing Steam excavators from the earliest machines. Both companies having then moved on to produce the new engine driven machines replacing steam driven ones.

Jointly owned by Ruston and Hornsby based in Lincoln, England and Bucyrus-Erie based in Bucyrus, Ohio, the latter of which had operational control. The Ruston company continued to then make engines and railway locomotives.

In 1985 Ruston Bucyrus was bought by its management, severing all links with Bucyrus-Erie resulting in the formation of R-B Lincoln, which became R-B International, a subsidiary of Lincoln Industries (part of The Heather Corporation Ltd). Production of existing Ruston-Bucyrus designed cable excavator/crane models from the 22RB to the 71RB continued at the Lincoln factory

R-B International was sold on December 22, 2000 to Langley Holdings plc as a going-concern and a new company 'RB Cranes Ltd' was created. A day earlier on December 21, 2000, Langley Holdings plc had acquired the material-handling division of Rolls-Royce PLC which became the Clarke Chapman Group comprising Cowans Sheldon, RB Cranes, Stothert & Pitt, Wellman Booth as its principal subsidiary companies.

In January 2001 Clarke Chapman ceased production at RB's Lincoln works with production transferred to facilities in Retford and Gainsborough.

On October 14, 2009 the business RB Cranes was sold by Langley Holdings plc to Delden CSE Limited, the business has been moved to Delden CSE's pemises in Selston, Nottinghamshire

Worth reading: Lincoln Excavators, The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1945-1970 by Peter Robinson.
also look for
The Gentle Art of Excavating by W. Heath Robinson Published by Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd., Lincoln

Dinky, Matchbox and Corgi made toy models of the excavators.

Nice image of the model 10RB at
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