The Britain from Above website will soon be changing. The good news is you’ll still be able to search for and view the fantastic Aerofilms images. You’ll also be able to continue to add your comments, photographs and pins– enabling you to carry on sharing your memories and knowledge about places and buildings with other users of the website. The new site will be designed for use on mobile phones and tablets so you’ll be able to do all of this on the move!
During the life of the Britain from Above project, over 250 Groups were set up by users with interests in specific places or themes. Since the project ended, these have been less active and it now makes sense to freeze the Groups. While this means you won’t be able to start any new groups or add any more content you’ll still be able to view what has been added in the past. We’ll also be highlighting some of the amazing resources which were created by these groups, which are a legacy of the project.
These changes will be taking place over the next few weeks and some functions on this site will be unavailable while we carry out this work.

From 23rd of May until 30th May, users will no longer be able to login or register on this site. Thanks for your patience.

Technical help


If you are new to this site please visit the About the project page to learn more about Britain from Above project and our Getting Started guide for how to get involved.

K​eyword tags               

The tag should describe the image in some way.  For example, if the image is of a railway bridge, any of the terms “railway”, “bridge”, or “railway bridge” would suit.  

The tag words or phrases must be entered either one per line, like this: 

     railway bridge

or with commas separating them, like this:

     railway, bridge, railway bridge

Any tag added will be included in the keyword tag list on the "Browse" page of the website.

Setting a new location

This image has not yet been given an official location.  Please help us locate it by clicking on the "setting a new one" link to the right of the image.  This opens a map and lets you zoom in and click on the specific location shown in the image.  The coordinates will fill in the boxes below the map.  Click "change position" to submit. 

If someone else has contributed a location but you think it's inaccurate, you can resubmit a better position by following the instructions above.  Simply ignore the previously submitted pin on the pop-up map.

Factual summary

The summary (wiki) allows you to contribute factual information about the specific places and general location represented in the image. Clicking on the "contribute to wiki" link opens the wiki and you make alterations to the text and/or add new information. The “Save changes” button refreshes the tab with the changes you have made.

You can use wiki mark-up in this section and the following mark-up is accepted:

     Italics: ''italics'' (two apostrophes on either side of the word or phrase)
     Bold: '''bold''' (three apostrophes on either side of the word or phrase)
     Bold italics: '''''bold italics''''' (five apostrophes on either side of the word or phrase)
     Underlines: __underline__ (double underscores on either side of the word or phrase)
     Headings: ==heading== (double equal signs on either side of the word or phrase)

You can also create internal links to other Aerofilms images in the website by typing in the reference number of the image you wish to link to (for example, EAW013478). 

The image toolbar

Please note that you need to be registered and logged in to access certain features on the image toolbar.

The image toolbar below each Aerofilms image offers the following options:

"Love this"

The "Love this" button allows you to indicate if you love the image.  Clicking on "Love this" will mean that the image becomes one of the five images shown on the homepage slideshow.  The loved images are also grouped together  in the "Top Rated" gallery. 

Adding an Aerofilms image to a group

If you see an image that you would like to discuss with a group you're a member of, simply select the group name from the dropdown list in the toolbar below the image.  You'll then be prompted to add a comment.

If you see an image that you would like to discuss with a group you're a member of, simply select the group name from the dropdown list.  Once you have selected a group, a thumbnail of the Aerofilms image will appear in the group page and you will be asked to add a comment to the image.  Click the "Share" button to complete the addition of the image to the group.

Save to profile

If you discover an Aerofilms image that you would like to save to your profile you can click on the "Save to profile" link which will automatically create a link in your profile "Favourites" section.  If you want to un-save an image from your profile you can link through to the image and click on "Remove from profile" in the grey bar.

Social Media

A few links to social media websites are provided, specifically, Facebook "Like", Twitter and Google+.  Clicking on one of the icons will allow you to share the Aerofilms image with others on the website you selected.

Comments and photos in a group

Please contribute a comment into the large text box below "add a comment".  You also have the option of uploading a photo relating to your comment. The “share” button refreshes the page and your comment (and photo if you uploaded one) are displayed at the top of the comments/replies list.

A "reply to this comment" link can be found under each comment.  A pop-up box will appear where you can add your reply and submit it.  You can also upload a photo along with your reply.

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