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Original Text (Annotation: EAW004219 / 508745)

' This building, that look almost like one of the quay transhipment sheds, is in fact set back behind the main row of building and in land of Herbert Walker Way is of a slightly different style, being the Southern Railways carriage shed providing stock for train originating from the port. Interesting to see a clerestory roofed coach in the sheds. The clerestory shape was not common on the Southern, apart from the ex-LSWR restaurant cars. By this time these vehicles had been convert into military train, department use or scraped. The white square on the side of the coach could well be a red cross on a white ground, indicating that this indeed a hospital train. More correctly Gordon Weddell (the authority on LSWR coaches) tells me that three of the restaurant cars became part of 'Casualty Evacuation Trains' Nos. 332, 333 and 334. This probably means they are Southern vehicles. Why they are still awaiting traffic in 1947 is a mystery, as one would have assumed most casualties had been repatriated by then. '