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Original Text (Annotation: WPW054872 / 2021769)

' Bathurst street no where I lived from July 1972.until the council decided to flatten the area for a car park. As children we would keep ourselves busy exploring the old railways lines .and South docks .Gregors yard was another favourite haunt of ours..Summer days spent on the beach and swimming of the sea wall.(Boys End.).as we would call it.opposite end for the girls.Also fishing spending the whole day out of the house.only returning home evening time for tea. Usually with a sun dried mullet or half dozen stiff mackerel caught earlier in the day.The South dock was unused then except for us kids floating around on our rafts created with old oil drums and timber from gregors yard.This area provided us children with a different Adventure every time we left our houses .We would have all had Honours in the University of life. My name is Martin Davies.Happy days. '