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Original Text (Annotation: EAW052682 / 1388263)

' Scammell Scarab (British Railways) The Scammell Scarab is a British 3-wheeled tractor unit produced by the truck manufacturer Scammell between 1948 and 1967. Its name is commonly believed to be derived from the rounded bonnet that resembled the elytra (wing covers) of a Scarab beetle, but the name really comes from a more conventional source, Scammell's idea of the combination of an Arab horse (which the Mechanical Horse replaced in BR usage) and the word Scammell. Sca-rab = Scarab. The official Scammell Lorries Ltd advertisement film makes reference to this. It was extremely popular with British Railways and other companies which made deliveries within built-up areas. The Ministry of Defence also used the Scarab and trailers for predominantly internal transport on large military bases. Behind the Scarab is a 1946 Morris Commercial CVF 13 also owned by British Railways. '