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EPW023460 ENGLAND (1928). Chelsea Bridge and Victoria Railway Station, Westminster, 1928

© Hawlfraint cyfranwyr OpenStreetMap a thrwyddedwyd gan yr OpenStreetMap Foundation. 2021. Trwyddedir y gartograffeg fel CC BY-SA.

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Pennawd [EPW023460] Chelsea Bridge and Victoria Railway Station, Westminster, 1928
Cyfeirnod EPW023460
Dyddiad September-1928
Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 528717, 177897
Hydred / Lledred -0.14599195506411, 51.484872403524
Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol TQ287779


Grosvenor carriage shed

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 03:54:34 AM
Chelsea Barracks, built 1860, demolished 2013-14

Sunday 27th of July 2014 12:25:55 AM
Vincent Square, Westminster School Playing Field, 21/05/2014

Thursday 22nd of May 2014 09:16:08 PM
Chelsea Embankment

Alan McFaden
Saturday 3rd of May 2014 10:41:14 AM
Battersea Park

Alan McFaden
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 09:30:59 AM
Battersea (Cremorne) Railway Bridge

Alan McFaden
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 09:30:02 AM
... carried the West London Extension Railway across the Thames.

This is Grosvenor Bridge, known as Victoria Bridge when first opened.

Geoff Smith
Friday 14th of November 2014 11:27:19 AM
Battersea Park

Alan McFaden
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 09:28:38 AM
When Thomas Cubitt developed Pimlico for the Grosvenor estate he insisted that the first building in any residential district should be a public house and these should be built on street corners. At the time he was also engaged in supplying the plumbing for Queen Victoria's Balmoral Castle. This pub, built to his specification, is named not the Royal Flush but the Balmoral Castle.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 10:59:42 PM
The Stanley Arms public house was, like nearby Stanley Street (now Alderney Street), named after the family which owned some of the land in this area. The land was inherited from Hans Sloane, through marriage. Most but not all of the land in Pimlico was owned by the Grosvenor family until death duties and a refocusing of efforts caused them to sell it off by 1953.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 10:47:24 PM
This is the old Chelsea Suspension Bridge, 1858 - 1935. It looked like the present Hammersmith Bridge.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 10:24:35 PM
There are four dock entrances along this stretch of the embankment from Vauxhall Bridge to Grosvenor Railway Bridge, indicating Pimlico's industrial past. Grosvenor Road was constructed as part of Bazalgette's intercepting sewers project after the docks were built. The docks are now filled in but the entrances remain as gaps in the embankment, and Grosvenor Road spans these entrances in a series of short bridges.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 10:18:04 PM
Storm outflow point for the sewer which contains the Westbourne River -- the one which flows through an iron pipe above the platform at Sloane Square Station.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 10:03:33 PM
The pump house and adjacent boiler house of the Southwark and Vauxhall Waterworks which supplied domestic water drawn from the Thames until 1855. The pump house is still (Feb 2014) standing, dwarfed by Battersea Power Station and more recent building developments.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 09:58:59 PM
This outline of a circular structure shows the former location of a reservoir of the Vauxhall and Southwark Water Company which supplied drinking water from the adjacent Thames until 1855 when the practice became illegal. After this date water was drawn from a point above the tidal reach in order to reduce deaths from cholera and other diseases.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014 09:54:19 PM
Chelsea Bridge

Alan McFaden
Sunday 26th of May 2013 06:29:31 PM
Victoria Railway Station

Alan McFaden
Sunday 26th of May 2013 06:27:35 PM
Westminster Cathedral

Alan McFaden
Sunday 26th of May 2013 06:25:54 PM

Cyfraniadau Grŵp

View from South of the river showing the alignment of Ranelagh gardens in the East of the Royal Hospital to the old victorian Chelsea barracks.

Wednesday 11th of July 2012 08:14:34 PM