EAW045338 ENGLAND (1952). The SS Uganda on her maiden voyage by Eastcourt Marshes, Chalk, 1952

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Pennawd [EAW045338] The SS Uganda on her maiden voyage by Eastcourt Marshes, Chalk, 1952
Cyfeirnod EAW045338
Dyddiad 2-August-1952
Enw lle CHALK
Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 568509, 175050
Hydred / Lledred 0.4253176756948, 51.448837589891
Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol TQ685751


Milton Range Halt, scene of a fatal accident on the 21st August 1922. From the Ministry of Transport Inspector's (Major G. L. Hall) report: "On the morning in question, the 5.40 a.m. special workmen's train from Charing Cross to Strood, on its arrival at the Halt a few minutes after 6.30, over-ran the down platform in the dense mist then prevailing. A number of the workmen passengers left the train, and crossing in front of the engine, walked back along the up road to the crossing wicket gate on the up side of the line at the end of the platform. As they were doing so a light engine passed the Halt on the up road, with the result that one of the workmen was run down and killed, and another, who subsequently died in hospital, seriously injured. In consequence of this original accident the train was delayed at the Halt, and, while standing there, was run into by a following special workmen's train, timed to leave New Cross at 5.55 and to arrive at the Halt ten minutes after the preceding train. As a result of this collision a third workman passenger was killed, two others fatally injured, and a further number more or less seriously hurt. The total casualties from the two accidents were two killed outright, three fatally injured, 17 more or less seriously hurt, and nine suffering from shock or minor injuries. A number of other men complained of being shaken."

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Canal swing-bridge

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Thames and Medway canal, disused, with the North Kent mainline railway behind it.

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Milton Range, range warden's quarters, shelter and shed.

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Milton Rifle Range

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