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The Potteries

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Wedi ei greu 26 June 2012

Tuesday 18th of March 2014 07:57:28 PM
The Newfields branch, the Potteries Loop line, Earthenware factories and a private colliery line for the Chatterley Whitfield colliery, sums up Stoke and the surrounding area to me

Sunday 15th of September 2013 03:36:45 PM
The road in the foreground running NW-SW is Trentham Road (renamed as Trent Valley Road), Penkhull. The Villas at Stokeville can be clearly seen in a line running down the hill towards London Road.

Tuesday 3rd of July 2012 12:40:42 PM

Tuesday 3rd of July 2012 12:26:13 PM